Pre-wedding photoshoot itinerary – Turn your moments into memories!

04:30 AM – Go on a long-drive to Gulmohar Greens with your groom-to-be.
05:30 AM – Enter into the lush green aura of #GulmoharGreens. Walk down to your room for dressing-up.
06:00 AM – The sun-kissed greens are waiting to give a start to your pre-wedding photoshoot.
06:30 AM – Walk into the new phase of life together; hand in hand, till the very eternity. Also, get the moment clicked!
07:30 AM – Pose around the trees like the 80s’ Bollywood films and flavor your photo album with total filminess!
08:30 AM – Take some rest and chit-chat!
09:00 AM – Hungry? Have a healthy breakfast before hitting some major photo goals!
09:30 AM – Resume your photo-shoot!
10:00 AM – Are the to-be-bride and groom geared-up to aim for some envious clicks?!
11:00 AM – Head towards your room. Our indoors have amazing light!
01:00 PM – Order your lunch or eat-out at our By the Greens Restaurant. Later, take a break to laze around!
03:30 PM – Don that sporty hat, ‘coz it’s time to shoot at the Billiards room.
04:00 PM – Take a round of our TT room or the Tennis court or maybe both!
05:00 PM – Go childlike and play your heart out at Gymboree.
06:00 PM – Plunge into the Infinity Pool and let the photographers click some candid pictures!
07:30 PM – Unwind your day with a candle-light dinner under the Gazebo at our Infinity Café By The Poolside.
08:00 PM – Drive back home with myriad memories, clicked and otherwise!


And if you’re not done yet, you can also extend your shoot by a day more or two. Because we’ve lot more in the store for you!

Sportsman’s Itinerary

06:00 AM – Wake up and get sports-ready!
06:30 AM – Drive through the sports-trail towards Gulmohar Greens.
07:15 AM – Say hello to Gulmohar Greens!
07:30 AM – Start with a game of Tennis!
08:30 AM – Time to take a pause!
08:45 AM – Walk to the foyer area & devour some sports magazines!
09:15 AM – Time to hit-the-gym!
10:15 AM – Phew! Go, relax next to the pool!
10:30 AM – Ting! Green salad time @ Playoff Sports Bar.
11:15 AM – Badminton court awaits you. Head out!
11:45 AM – Sweaty game? Go, freshen-up at the changing room!
12:15 PM – Hungry kya? Have some Taza Pudina Parathas along with Tadka Dahi @ By The Greens Restaurant!
01:30 PM – Rest for a while!
03:00 PM – Go; dip, dive & do butterfly strokes!
04:30 PM – How about a cup of masala chai @ Midway Café, before you bid adieu!

Health enthusiasts’ itinerary

Start-off your weekend with a healthy day! Here’s the itinerary by Gulmohar Greens for every health-enthusiast:
5:30 – Wake-up with healthy thoughts. Leave for Gulmohar Greens with your health-conscious gang and a fit bit on your wrist.
6:00 – Step into the premises of Gulmohar, breathe in all the oxygen from the greens all around. Check-in on Facebook. Then switch your phone off!!!
6:15 – Take a warm-up jog along our more than 1 mile long jogging track. Be amazed by the sheer natural beauty all around.
6: 45 – Pause at our Midway Café & down a revitalizing smoothie!
7:00 – It’s Cardio-time at the Gym. Also some pilates probably, if you’re into that.
8:00 – Pull out your Yoga mats and practice your favorite Asanas.
9:00 – Healthy breakfast awaits you. (You’ll need a good amount of it now!)
9:30 – How about relaxing your muscles and detoxifying your body? Walk down to our Sports Complex’s locker room and avail our steam & sauna facility.
11:30 – Relax a bit and get rejuvenated at our Spa Buddha.
13:30 – High protein, low calorie lunch at ‘By the Greens’ restaurant. May we recommend – Taazaa Baghani Salad & Mint Jade Soup.
14:30 – Read on the latest by the fitness gurus. Health Magazines laid out in our library.
16:00 – Time for some snacks again! This time, at the Infinity Café By The Pool with an enchanting view of pool, golf course and green lawns.
16:45 – Sitting by the poolside must have induced you to take a dip. Well then, go ahead burn some calories with a powerful 5 lap regime!
17:45 – A healthy cup of green tea and low calorie salads with your mates before you call it a day.
18:00 – Drive back home with a bundle of memories that Gulmohar Greens just gave you!


To book your day out at Gulmohar Greens, call +919687628050 now!

Golfers’ itinerary

Gulmohar Greens’ Monthly Open Golf Challenge is on its way. It’s warm-up time for all you Golfers out there!
07:00 AM – Reach Gulmohar Greens to sharpen your act of Golf!
07:30 AM – Time for the Tee off. Be there!
10:10 AM – Pro shop!
10:30 AM – Breakfast time after a 9-hole round, at Infinity Café. A cup of masala chai & vegetable sandwich stands high on our recommendation list!
11:00 AM – Get back to the course; it’s time for the irons to come out!
01:30 PM – Here concludes your 18-hole game of Golf!
01:45 PM – When hunger strikes, head to – By the Greens for lunch. Karare Paneer and Wok Fried Rice here, is a must try!
02:30 PM – Golf, still on your mind? Walk down to our library and devour the Golf Digest’s September issue.
03:30 PM – A freshly brewed latte awaits you at the open-air lounge of By the Greens restaurant.
04:00 PM – Bid adieu to Gulmohar Greens, till your next visit!